Daily Archives: January 29, 2015

New Trailer: Child 44

Now this movie looks really really good. Child 44 is based on a novel by Tom Rob Smith. The cast is amazing, with actors like Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, & Gary Oldman I don’t see how this could be a bad film. The plot seems really interesting, I’m always a fan of mystery thrillers, and period pieces. The film is set in Soviet Russia and I like the fact that even though the characters are talking in English they speak with a Russian accent, which I appreciate. It’s always bugged me when in period pieces characters seem to talk in a British accent no matter what time period or place they are in. Having the characters speak with an accent helps add a bit of authenticity in my mind. I’m really looking forward to this movie.

Child 44 is set to come out in theaters on April 17th.

New Trailer: Fantastic Four

This is the first trailer for the new reboot of the Fantastic Four movie franchise. I’m still not sure how I feel about this movie yet. I like the cast, but I don’t know if they would have been my first choice for their roles. The trailer doesn’t show much, but seeing the actual 4 characters does get me a little bit more excited for things.

Fantastic Four is set to come out in theaters on August 7th.