New Trailer – Hitman: Agent 47

It looks like Fox Studios is rebooting the Hitman film franchise with the new Hitman: Agent 47. For those that don’t know the film is based on a video game series where the main character (Agent 47) is a genetically engineered assassin who is very good at killing people for a living.

Agent 47 was originally played by Timothy Olyphant (Justified) in the 2007 version of the film Hitman. The original film was nothing special really, it was a decent action flick with a sub-par plot. Now with this reboot, the role has been re-cast and now Rupert Friend (Homeland) will be taking over as the title character. I like the casting choice, Friend has shown that he is more than capable of filming action sequences, and I like how he is portraying the character.

Judging by the trailer this movie actually looks pretty good. The stunts and action sequences seem very well made, and I like the supporting cast led by Zachary Quinto (Startrek). I don’t know how good the movie will be, I just hope the plot is good enough to match the visually spectacular stunts and action sequences.

Hitman: Agent 47 is set to come out in theaters on August 28th.

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