UFC Rankings Matrix – May 2015

This is a new method for presenting my personal UFC rankings.

I’m a very visual person so I always prefer seeing images as opposed to just words.

I’ve selected the top 16 fighters in each of the UFC’s 10 weight classes. I have also included each fighters record against their fellow ranked opponents. I think this method is very useful at illustrating the “pecking order” in each weight division as well as the dominance of the respective champions.

I plan on making these sort of Rankings posts every month with updates after every UFC event. Hope you guys enjoy! (I know the images aren’t that big so you can click on them to see them in full-size)

Women’s Strawweight (115lbs)


* I included the fights from the 20th Season of the The Ultimate Fighter even though they were technicaly “Exhibition” matches because they were part of the tournament that crowned the inaugural champ.

Women’s Bantamweight (135lbs)


Flyweight (125lbs)


Bantamweight (135lbs)


Featherweight (145lbs)


Lightweight (155lbs)


Welterweight (170lbs)


Middleweight (185lbs)


Lightheavyweight (205lbs)


Heavyweight (265lbs)


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