Movie Review: Hot Pursuit

3  Hot Pursuit (2015)

When I first saw the trailer for Hot Pursuit, I really wanted to watch the movie. I think Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon are both great actresses with a knack for comedy, and to me the movie looked pretty good. I was surprised that when it came out it received poor reviews from most movie critics. I still thought the movie looked funny, but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a good movie or not. I went to watch it tonight with my parents, and even though I see what some of the critics were saying I don’t think its a bad movie at all. In fact I had a lot of fun watching it, and I thought it was pretty funny.

Hot Pursuit was never going to be a fantastic comedy, but what made me want to watch it was the fact that you don’t usually see too many comedies with 2 female leads. Even though the story was simple and pretty predicable I still enjoyed watching the film. The acting was pretty cheesy by everyone except Witherspoon and Vergara who both nailed their respective roles. The supporting cast definitely could have been better, with the exception of Jim Gaffingan who was his usual hilarious self. I think the best part of the movie is just watching those two lovely ladies interact with one an other. Vergara and Witherspoon have great chemistry and it shows on screen. I’ll admit this movie doesn’t have the most sophisticated jokes but I still found myself laughing constantly.

There are a ton of things that could have been better, but at the end of the day, I didn’t have too high expectations for this movie and I was pleasantly surprised when I left the theater. Hot Pursuit is nothing to write home about, but it is a somewhat fresh take on the whole “buddy comedy” genre, and both Witherspoon and Vergara are a pleasure to watch. This is the type of movie that you don’t have to take too seriously to enjoy. Its simple yet effective in its comedy and I had fun watching it. I know this may not be the type of movie that everyone enjoys but if you like action-comedies or buddy cop movies then I think you’ll like this one. It may not be the best comedy out there, but it will make you laugh and at the end of the day, that’s all I want from my comedic films. 3/5

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