Fury (11/3/14)

4 Fury

I went to the movies this past weekend and I saw Fury starring Brad Pitt. The film is a very gritty and somewhat dark story that follows a group of American soldiers and the tank they operate as they move across Nazi Germany towards the end of WWII. The film is beautifully shot and edited. The entire cast delivers excellent performances that truly make you see what the horrors of war are really like. No one actor stands above the rest and they all do an amazing job at showing the bond that all the soldiers in the tank share with one another. The best parts of the movie have to be the fighting scenes, this may be the most realistic WWII movie as far as what the battles where actually like. You can see and hear every shot being fired and every explosion that goes off in the background. Another thing that I liked about the film is that it has no end goal or main mission it just follows a tank and its soldiers through one day in the hell that is war. There are horribly graphic scenes throughout the movie that do a good job in showing just how terrible war really is. There are a good amount of emotional heart wrenching scenes especially towards the end of the movie that the actors involved really nail. There are a few questionable decisions that the characters make in the movie but I give them a pass seeing as how the rest of the movie is so well made. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the film, but I would have to put it in the same category as 12 Years a Slave or Schindler’s List in that while they are all excellent movies that need to be seen, they are all hard to watch because of the subject matter that they deal with. In the end if you haven’t seen Fury I would recommend that you watch it, but if you’re like me and have already seen it then you probably won’t want to watch it again any times soon. 4/5

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