Insterstellar (11/10/14)

4.5 Interstellar

Just got back from watching Interstellar and it lived up to the hype. It really is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. It is creative, imaginative and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Like most Christopher Nolan movies it has a pretty complex plot filled with twists and turns and callbacks. It is a weird roller coaster journey and it has its fair share of emotional moments, a large part of the plot centers around the bond between a father and his daughter and I’m always a sucker for parent/child drama. Matthew McConaughey was excellent as usual. Most of the cast was great as well, there was even an unexpected appearance by a pretty famous actor towards the end of the film. Overall there are a few little things that I would change about the movie, but in the end, it was creative, unique and most of all entertaining so I would recommend that anyone who is interested in space travel, astrophysics, or just plain old great stories to go see this movie. 4.5/5

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