Godzilla (7/2/14)

3.5 Godzilla

Finally got around to watching Godzilla, and I have to say it was worth the wait. I’ll start off by saying that it is a far from perfect movie. I feel like all the human characters where just there to help move the story along and didn’t do much except watch all the action unfold. I also didn’t like that one of the main characters made an early exit from the film. With that being said I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The main focus of the whole film is Godzilla and the big-ass monsters he fights (and rightfully so). All the scenes that include Godzilla in action or even the other monsters are great. The action and destruction scenes are spot on, everything else though is a little blah. I did like that they showed the entire monsters clearly which is something that Pacific Rim failed to do which always bothered me. People are there to watch some big ass monsters fight, and in Godzilla that is just what they get. The final encounter lives up to the hype, I literally yelled in the movie theater during a certain climactic moment, it was that good. Overall the movie was bad-ass, everything Godzilla was great, but the other things could have been better. At the end of the day though I was entertained and that is what matters most. 3.5/5

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