Hercules (8/9/14)

3.5 Hercules

Watched Hercules today and I have to say it was better than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised by the story which follows closely to the Greek myth of Hercules while also adding a few things of its own. All the action and fighting scenes were great. The Rock is a bonafide action star, and he fits the role of the muscle bound protagonist perfectly. The supporting cast is ok, I found it funny that all the characters talk in a British accent except the Rock for some reason. The dialogue is a bit cheesy but I didn’t go to see the movie to watch people talk, I went to see big dudes with weapons do baddass things. There were a couple of plot twists in the film that surprised me, which I see as a good thing. I always like it when I can’t predict what will happen next in a movie and there were definitely a few things that I didn’t see coming. The ending itself is a bit predictable but what matters more is what happens along the way. Overall the movie was not too long, it had great action, and it was entertaining so I would recommend it. 3.5/5

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