A Most Wanted Man (8/6/14)

3.5 A Most Wanted Man

Just got back from watching A Most Wanted Man, one of the last movies that Philip Seymor Hoffman was in before he passed away. It’s a very realistic film that deals a lot with espionage and counter terrorism in a post 9/11 world. The movie is slow paced and very subtle but it does the job it’s meant to do. There aren’t any big car chases or crazy action sequences, most of the time it’s just characters talking to one and other. The film is an espionage-thriller and it does a good job in creating suspenseful situations. Phil Seymour Hoffman was amazing as always, he really does become his character. Rachel McAdams was ok, it did bother me though that her German accent would change throughout the film. Another thing that I didn’t like is that there were no subtitles even though there are several conversations in Arabic throughout the film. The ending of the movie was a bit unsatisfying but that’s what you can expect from a movie as realistic as this one, after all real life is rarely as satisfying as fiction. Overall the movie is nothing spectacular but it’s worth watching just for Philip Seymour Hoffman. If you like thrillers and espionage films like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy you’ll like this one. 3.5/5

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